New Water Heaters

When installation is carried out on a conventional water heater that is powered by electricity; a proper check is carried out to spot out leakages. If the leakage from the tank is coming from the body of the tank and not the fittings, then a replacement of the entire water heater will be recommended.

Platform Building

Our team will build a suitable platform where the water heater tank will be placed. This elevation helps to ensure proper water delivery and also helps to minimize damages on the hot water tank. The water tank is positioned with the drain faucet facing frontward. Once all is set and done, we ensure perfection by rocking the hot water heater tank to and fro and ensures it is very stable on the platform.


Lastly, our team will have to solder all copper tubing and fittings that are connected to the water heater. This is done with a tub cutter, a Mapp gas torch, a paste soldering flux, pads of a steel wire with a wire brush to polish the surface. Here we will provide a detailed explanation of the steps used when carrying out the soldering to ensure durability and lifespan longevity.

  • Before carrying out any form of connection, we clean and polish the surface properly. All the pipes are accurately measured out and cut out properly to avoid unusual bent.
  • We use a tube cutter to cut 8 inches of ¾ diameter size tubing that will feed water directly to the tank.
  • All the tubing ends are thoroughly cleaned using steel wool.
  • Next, we add some quantity of soldering flux on the surface area of the copper tubing.
  • Using a wire brush, we clean up all fittings.
  • Our team heats the joint with an inner blue flame with an approximate size of ¾ inches long. This is done until the flux applied on the joint –melts away.
  • Once the flux is off the surface, we add sufficient amount of solder at the top of the joint. This is done to strengthen the joint.
  • Once we are done with the assembling, the fitting is allowed to cool off before further application of Teflon tape; the sole purpose of this tape is to seal up the threads found on the nipple of your water heater.
  • All tubings are firmly fixed with a wrench. While doing this, we take caution against scratch on wall surfaces.
  • Lastly, our team will assist you with all forms of installation; this includes the temperature and pressure valve, and electrical installations of your water heater circuit.

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To a novice, we bet the entire process of soldering can seem daunting, tedious, and overwhelming. But that’s not applicable to our team. If you want an emergency replacement, we are readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergency water heater service. Get in touch with us by placing a call; we are willing to offer a prompt and efficient installation, maintenance, and replacement service at a reasonable price.

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