Repairs For Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters, when compared to the most conventional water heating system are entirely different since it has no tank attachment where hot water can be stored. From the benefits of our experience, we suggest the tankless heater to most of our clients as the best choice of water heater –when it comes to dish-washing and laundry; since it supplies water on demand.

When a repair is carried out by our team, tools like a bucket, voltmeter, screwdriver, towel, and mask tape are usually arm’s length away.

  1. We turn off the source of power supply connected to the water heater. This is one major step we carry out before taking on any task.
  2. We run a check using a voltmeter to ensure all forms of power supplies are cut off.
  3. The water in the tank is drained into a bucket.
  4. Our team takes off the wire located at the top of the water heater element.
  5. Once all is set and done, we replace the drain plug, and also provide you with the necessary guidance to avoid compromise.
  6. We carry out a complete clean on the surface of the control pane.
  7. Dry out any water on the control panel.
  8. Finally, the water supply system is turned on, and the performance of your water heater is evaluated to ensure 100% efficiency in performance.

To Fix a No-Water Problem

More often than not, our team, when carrying out a repair or maintenance, often discovers that about 75% of occurrences are due to faulty power supply systems, insufficient water supply, and leaks.

A proper check is also carried out on the shut-off valve located on the top of the tankless water system to ensure the water been supplied to the heater is on a minimum rate.

Our skilled team at Lakeville Water Heater service is willing to assist you make a lasting change in your water heater. Call now! For all forms of installations and repairs, irrespective of the model, size, and type. We provide a 24 hours water heater service.

If you’re having difficulties getting hot water from your tankless water heater, get in touch with us ASAP for proper installation or repair. Our 24-hour water heater repair service will ensure you never lack hot water in your home.

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