Regular Water Heater Care

It’s no doubt that the water heater plays a significant role in your home. To ensure continuity and efficiency, proper care and maintenance are essential. For proper maintenance, we encourage our clients to call in for regular inspection to avoid the pains of costly repairs.
Taking out proper care on the unit of your hot water heater is a sure way to get the best out of its performance. If you avail us the opportunity of maintaining your water heater, here are some of the steps we will carry out professionally to ensure a maximum outcome.

Test TPR Valve

To carry out a proper check on your temperature and pressure release valve, our team will have to off the source of cold-water supply to the water heater unit. We place a container underneath the pipe that is linked directly to the Temperature pressure release (TPR) valve. For most conventional water heaters, the valve is located at the top or side of the tank.
The valves get opens once there is an increase in the pressure of the tank. To ensure all the parts are in good working condition, the valve tab is left open to allow a sufficient outflow of water. Doing this can also serve as a check on the working condition of the valve. If the water from the tank flows continuously, it shows the valve is bad, and a replacement is carried out there and then.

Drain the Tank

While your water heater is still turned off, the water left in the tank is drained off into a container or a bucket. We drain the water and open the cold-water supply again to stir the remaining sediment in the tank. The process is repeated until the water coming out of the drain of your hot water tank is completely clean.

Insulating the Pipes

Our team make use of a self-sticking pipe insulation foam –around the pipe of your water heater to prevent the condensation of water in the pipe during summer. Pipe insulation also helps to prevent the hot water pipe from losing heat. Enough tape is wrapped around both pipes to match the diameter, then a self-sticking pipe insulation foam is attached around the pipes.

We have emergency plumbers if you need an emergency water heater maintenance or hot water heater repair service. We also offer same-day water repair services to all our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

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